Biggest Wellness Trends of 2019

wellness trends of 2019
It’s that time again for my annual wellness trend predictions! If you are inclined you can read 2017’s here and 2018’s here – sadly my 2016 video is off youtube but it was a good one (who remembers?!).

And what’s in store for the biggest wellness trends of 2019? Here are my predictions:

Wellness shops & retail experiences

Do you ever walk into a convenience store hoping to find a piece of fruit or a healthy snack and find nothing but processed junk? Well, you’re not alone and people like Rachel Krupa are working to change this. She opened The Goods Mart in LA and NYC which is basically a healthy 7-eleven.

And Lily Kunin, founder of the very popular wellness website Clean Food Dirty City, opened a wellness hub smack dab in the middle of Manhattan called Clean Market which functions as a treatment center, retail space, and a cafe. Swoon!

But wait, there’s more! WTHN wants to be the “Drybar of acupuncture.” The founders of Drybar are conquering the massage space with Squeeze and Heyday wants to do the same with facials.

Cannabis skincare

In my 2018 predictions I wrote about the explosion of well-marketed cannabis in the form of pens, ingestible oils, etc. and in 2019 I’m predicting an explosion of cannabis in skincare. Oils, lotions, lip balms, bath soaks, soaps, et al. Herbivore is on it already with this face oil. Who is on board with this?

The home fitness evolution

First, it was the peleton bike and now it’s all about Mirror – a trainer that pops up right on a full-length mirror made for working out. When off, it’s a full-length mirror. When on, see yourself, your instructor and your classmates in a sleek, interactive display, complete with embedded camera and speakers. Your workout also adjusts in real time based on your skill level. So cool, no? I’m excited to see what 2019 has in store for other home workout updates.

Liver cleansing

Thanks to the Medical Medium, everyone is drinking celery juice to clear their skin, help with fatigue, eczema, gallstones, IBS, inflammation aid in digestion, help with bloating, etc. all of which are tied to cleansing the liver. We’re going to continue seeing a whole lot of celery juice drinking, pomegranate seed eating and focus on this organ for optimal health from the inside out.


From cutting cable cords to Marie Kondo’ing every inch of your home to going sober to limiting cell phone use – 2019 is going to be a big year of less is more. The general consensus is that people are burnt out on excess and are ready for a change in a big way. Myself included.

Legislative changes

People are WOKE! They want organic non-GMO food, chemicals in beauty products band, warning labels way beyond cigarette packages and they want it now! In 2019, we are going to start to see more regulations put in place to protect us from our health like Prop 65.

Face rollers

Have to add this to the list because I’m working on my own! More to come.

What are your predictions?

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  1. This is so creative! I am not that much into the wellness space that I would have any trends of my own to add, however I do agree with a lot of these and am especially excited about how companies react to their customers concerns and go cruelty-free, toxins-free, environmental aware, you name it! Such an exciting change in the broader way of thinking!
    xx Janine

  2. Oh my god all this stuff makes me so happy to read. I’m thrilled that people want to be more organic and non-gmo. It just goes to show that when enough people want something (more choices in grocery stores), they can make a HUGE impact on supply/demand forces.
    Minimalism– yes. everyone is obsessed about Kon Mari and I couldn’t be happier about it. My parents are even culling their clutter.
    THAT MIRROR SOUNDS AMAZING. hopefully i can get a bigger house and fit it somewhere when it makes its debut. I’ve been wanting to cancel my gym membership and just exercise at home. It’s so much more comfortable doing yoga with a youtube video than in a classroom where I’m sweating and afraid of bumping into someone next to me you know??

    okay for non-gmo organic stuff have you tried the Brandless company?? I’d highly recommend and would love to know your take on the company and its mission. Just thought i’d tell you about it.


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