Secrets To Feeling More Energized While Pregnant

This post is written by BIA contributor Chelsea Becker

First up, I want to address the fact that no matter WHAT you do, you’re likely going to go through flows of fatigue during pregnancy. Especially in the first trimester (and probably towards the end, but I’m only at 30 weeks), it’s simply inevitable. You’re growing a human life, after all, it’s tiring!

But I will say I’ve worked really hard to find certain practices that give me an extra boost. With 50 hour work weeks, I just haven’t been able to afford to not have energy. Here’s what I’ve been relying on…

Extra hydration

If you’re pregnant or have been, you likely know the importance of drinking enough water. Not only is it good for the baby’s growth and development and for your stretching skin, but it can totally affect how you feel.

Since being pregnant, I’ve tried to add in an extra couple glasses of water a day. It used to be full of lemon, but now citrus is giving me heartburn, so I’ve turned to fresh mint and/or cucumber. I drink a huge thing of water before getting out of bed and attempt to drink at least half my daily water supply by 10 a.m. This really helps energy levels, trust me.

Acupuncture & Moxa

I’m anemic, which has only gotten more intense during pregnancy. It affects fatigue, fainting, and overall energy levels, and even without anemia, the blood levels in your body change during pregnancy – and can make you reallyyyy weak. Because of this, I took my doctor’s advice and started going to acupuncture.

My acupuncturist focuses on circulation and energy blockages, and I truly feel better the more often I go. She also gave me something to do at home, called Moxibustion or ‘Moxa’ which can lead to better blood flow (and energy). It’s so nice having a free, daily treatment I can focus on – so I highly suggest trying if you get the OK from your doctor.

Saving treats until evening

I’ve tried to let my body find balance this pregnancy, whether that meant adding in more treats than I was used to or resting more than I did pre-pregnancy. And when it comes to treats – namely processed sugar – I’m limiting them while also giving in when the craving strikes. I’ve noticed I feel a lot better, though, when I wait to have those treats in the evening.

Eating ice cream or whatever during the day usually set me up for a lazy afternoon and an energy slump, but if I wait until closer to bed, it’s not a big deal to hit the sheets early.

Getting enough sleep

Obvious, but SO imperative! It’s taken me months to realize that I’m probably going to need more sleep than usual – and that I should allow myself to get that. So whether that means going to bed at 8:30, saying no to a friend’s birthday on the weekend to sleep, or taking a nap, listen to your body.

What helped your energy levels while pregnant? Anyone else expecting?


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