Working Mama

I was much more of a dress girl vs. skirt and top girl when it came to work attire…until I became a breastfeeding, working mama. Easy access is key, so most dresses are retired until further notice. Who can relate?!

Wearing: Donni thermal turtleneck, vintage Balenciaga skirt, Les Nereides earringsAlexander Wang Eri boots

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  1. Love my dresses but they are on hold for 15 months since my princess was born! Tops and skirts or trousers are my uniform now

  2. Love that you’re still nursing! I can totally relate. My twins are 21 months old and all of my outfits have a caveat ‘must have quick boob access’. It’s very hard to find nice nursing dresses, so it’s tops and skirts/trousers for me all the way. I’m looking forward to when they wean and I’ll have free reign to wear whatever I like 🙂

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