Things I’m Loving

Hiiii! I’m back with the series where I curate all things I’m currently loving or crushing on. Please share anything you’re wearing, reading, or trying in the comments. I’d love to see what’s inspiring you at the moment, too!


A beautiful read on how to support someone going through infertility or pregnancy loss. I also wrote my thoughts on a similar subject a while back…

How to live a minimal life with kids (which I get lots of questions about and is doable).

I was featured in a Motherhood Series about taking a step back and would love for you to read.

SNOO announced a rental program! We LOVED ours and this program certainly helps makes it more affordable.

Health & Wellness

How to improve your body image, which is something we all could work on, no?

5 quick + healthy habits to add into your routine this year.

Why Anne Hathaway is going sober. (And remember when I called out cutting booze as a wellness trend for the year?!).


The $69 coat that will transition flawlessly into spring. Thank me later!

The 7 trends of 2019. You into them?


The suuuuper easy hairstyle that French girls are obsessed with (and moi!).

A retinol-infused eye product giving this mama L-I-F-E.

By request, I’m sharing how I do my “IDGAF” sorta-kinda beachy waves on IG – check out the highlight here.

What are you loving this month?!

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