Leo’s 1st Birthday

llama and cactus cookies   llama and cactus cookies llama balloon     
Baby girl turned 1! They said it would go fast but I can not believe just how fast.

As I reflected on her first year, I couldn’t help but feel so incredibly full and grateful. I have never felt more content and peaceful in my life. It’s as though having a child, and becoming a mother, was the missing piece. Thank you for choosing me, Ms. Leo Gem, to be your mother. You are the apple of my eye, the light of my life and my dream come true!

And as for her party, we kept it small with family and it was llama themed, of course!

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  1. Beautiful decor and food! Thanks for sharing a special celebration with us. It’s no secret that motherhood has it’s challenges, so cherishing and documenting these moments is so important 😉

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