How to Make These 7 Wellness Practices Less Intimidating

It’s safe to say that wellness has become a *thing* over the past few years. And while that’s amazing, it’s also brought in a lot of added pressure to busy lives, and it can sometimes make us think of all the things we’re NOT doing vs. what we ARE. Even when you live a healthy life, there’s a new trend or celery juice or workout popping up on Instagram. It can serve as motivation, but it can also be pretty intimidating, no?

If you agree, here are 7 wellness practices that don’t need to be as intimidating as they seem.

  • Acupuncture – If you’re not into needles or the $ that acu takes to relieve something like a headache, do a pressure point massage on yourself at home.
  • Yoga – A yoga class is magical, but if it’s not your thing, don’t feel bad about it. To gain flexibility and stillness, two things yoga works on, a simple stretching routine can do the trick. Spend 5 minutes when you wake up and 5 before bed stretching while sitting in silence. It’s amazing what 10 minutes a day can do for your flexibility – promise!
  • A morning routine – Speaking of routines, morning wellness routines can get excessive. If you get overwhelmed at finding an extra hour for all the things in the a.m., work on adding in ONE thing in the morning. That’s it! Pick something that sounds good to you, and don’t worry about what you aren’t doing. Some really simple ideas: Warm lemon water, stretching, leaving your phone on Airplane mode, chugging a glass of water. Simple, right?
  • Juicing – Though juicing has a lot of health benefits, you don’t need a juicer or to juice daily to be healthy. Instead, make a smoothie full of nutrients, or add more vegetables and fruit to your diet.
  • Meditating – Instead of needing to set aside time to sit down and meditate, practice active meditation. While taking a walk, leave the phone at home and focus on your breath while you walk. You can do the same thing while driving, waiting in line, or taking a bath, and definitely don’t need your eyes closed to get the benefits of being present.
  • Mantras – If you never remember to say a daily mantra, put one in clear view. You can see a bunch of inspiring quotes here that can be saved to your computer or phone background, serving as a mindless reminder every time you look!
  • Gratitude – Just because you don’t have a gratitude journal doesn’t mean you can’t practice being thankful. To make it really easy to remember, set an alarm for noon every day. When it goes off, stop and think of 3 things you’re grateful for. Boom! Free and easy.

Any others to add?

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  1. I love these tips on incorporating a little bit of wellness into your life! And I agree on that stretching thing – I have been trying to stretch everyday for the past two months and it has done wonders for my flexibility! Also, I would like to encourage everyone that has never done it to try yoga – it truly is magic.
    xx Janine

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