My Nighttime Pregnancy Routine

This post is written by contributor Chelsea Becker

While the first trimester didn’t allow for much of a nighttime routine (other than hugging the toilet and sleeping), something I’ve welcomed in my second and third is the return of an evening routine. Especially because I know I won’t have as much time for myself in just a few weeks, I’ve been appreciating all forms of alone time. Read on for my peaceful routine that’s prepping me for motherhood.

Evening elixir

I’ve missed having a glass of vino at night and while this doesn’t compare – just being honest! – it’s a good wind down. I’ll mix a bit of lemon and warm water with this magnesium-loaded Calm Powder and sip on it as I start my routine. As any mama can tell you, your digestion suffers while pregnant, and this can help with that, stress, and sleep. Yes plz!


Most nights, I’ll take a bath (not too hot). I’ll add a little Vitamin E oil for skin hydration or bath salts and will light a candle to set the mood. I actually won’t bring a book or anything in with me, but I’ll just use the time to do some breath work and chill. I’ve found that this relaxing step kind of centers me and any anxiety I’m feeling physically or around becoming a mom. To keep my body heat down, I’ll only stay in for about 10-15 minutes – which still feels amazing.

Body love

Right after the bath, I’ll towel dry while still leaving a bit of moisture on my skin. I’ll follow up with lotion or body oil, and will apply something special to my boobs, belly, butt, and hips since those areas need a little extra love. I’ve been really into DedCool’s Vegan Whipped Souffle – it feels lux while melting into the skin in a soothing way – and I’ll slowly massage the areas I’m applying it. Heaven for stretching skin!

Skin love

Next up, I’ll move to my face and neck. My skin has gone through a few stages while pregnant, and right now it’s acne free but dry AF. Some of my favorite pregnancy-friendly products of the moment: Ursa Major’s Vitamin C Serum, Herbivore’s Lapis Face Oil, Summer Friday’s Jet Lag Mask, and Nuori’s Supreme Moisture Mask (the latter two are ones I keep on all night even though they’re technically masks).

Read + recover

Then, for my favorite part of the night, I’ve been heading into bed early and grabbing a book on motherhood or pregnancy. I’ve loved The First 40 Days, Nurture and Bringing Up Bebe most.

I’ll also use this time in bed to let my body recover from whatever aches or discomfort happening. I’ll add a few extra pillows under my feet to raise them above my heart and let them de-puff and this feels SO good. I’ll use a heating pad on my low back, head, or basically any area asking for love.

Then, time for zzz’s (hopefully)!

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