Everything We Know About Spring Cleaning

Hiiiii Spring Cleaning season! With the Marie Kondo show on Netflix, I feel like people are more motivated than ever to clean up their stuff. I know I’m spending more time than normal going through closets and drawers and getting tidy.

But in the fashion of spring cleaning and what it truly means (to live with less), I wanted to put that thought into this post. We already have SO many pieces of content on organizing, detoxing your life, etc. that it almost feels anti-spring cleaning to add more consumption to your plate – and more writing to ours.

Instead of writing out similar content from what we’ve already provided, here’s a list of articles you may have missed or want to come back to. Based on what it is you’re focusing on shedding this time of year, I hope the list serves you well!

Which area of your life are you cleaning this season? Any favorite articles from that list?

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