Zoe Chicco Studio Visit

One of the best parts about my job is meeting so many incredible people like jewelry designer Zoe Chicco. We met a little over a year ago when she generously offered to make me a sentimental piece of jewelry honoring the birth of my daughter. We met at my home; I was freshly post-partum and exhausted, she was a working mom who has it all together with a preschool-aged child. Seeing her in that moment – a strong, successful woman running her business while still conquering mom life gave me a glimpse into a future that seemed very far away at the moment. It was something I desperately didn’t know I needed. A timely reminder that you can have it all – the career, mom life, a social life, etc. – and that the baby stage is temporary and one to be enjoyed.

Her laid-back energy and charismatic personality were infectious and being around her was simply a delight, so when she recently invited me to her Los Angeles jewelry studio to play dress-up, I was happy to hang again. But also, diamonds and chains?! I’m there. Here’s a little look at our time together. For the full interview, head on over to her website here.

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  1. That jewelry looks absolutely gorgeous! So dainty and delicate – definitely something I would wear. I have never heard of her brand, I need to go and check it out 🙂
    And yes, I absolutely know what you mean, sometimes seeing how other women cope with different situations and be so successful really really inspires me, even if it’s “just” wow, I wanna be like her one day! Such a powerful impact that is often times overlooked!
    xx Janine

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