5 Things to Add to Your Water to Make it Healthier

Drinking lots of water is probably one of the healthiest things I do for myself on a daily basis, but I’ve been thinking lately what I can do to make it even more so. Like what if water had just as many nutrients as fruits and veggies? That would be amazing, but not quite realistic. There are still lots of ways for water to pack a more nutrient-dense punch, though. Here’s my list of recommendations!

Collagen peptides

Collagen peptides are amino acid supplements that help build strong hair, nails and bones. Who can’t use more of that? It comes in powder form and you simply mix it in with your water for a boost of protein and other nutrients. You can also mix it into smoothies or baked goods.


When you need a little something sweet but don’t want to reach for candy, try adding lemon to your water. Not only does it taste incredibly refreshing but it helps keep you hydrated longer and gives you a dose of vitamin C. If you want to add a little more spice, throw in some ginger root slivers for some anti-inflammatory support.


There are tons of benefits to adding mint leaves to your water including improved digestion (if you ever have an upset stomach, drink a glass of mint water – works wonders!), promotes stress relief and freshens breath. Basil is also a good herb to add if you have a cold for its antibacterial properties.

Sakara Life Beauty Water Concentrate

You might have heard of Sakara Life, the meal delivery service. Well, they also have a Beauty Water that you can add to your morning glass of H2O. It’s loaded with silica, which is an anti-aging property that’s supposed to help with fine lines and wrinkles. Highly recommend!

Sea Salt

This might seem like an oxymorong, but sodium is an electrolyte that helps to support adrenal function. So next time you want a little boost, add in a teaspoon of sea salt (or table salt with iodine works too) to your water bottle.

Such easy ways to up the health factor of your water! Would love to know other tips and tricks and what you do!

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