Clean Beauty: Non-Toxic Self Tanner Edition

Non-Toxic Self Tanner
Who doesn’t love having a little color during the summer? You generally look healthier, muscles appear more toned, and it just feels right! However, I’m not super keen on the potential skin damage, so I don’t bake in the sun. Instead, I get a liiiittle color from outside exposure naturally, then rely heavily on something out of a bottle.

Enter: non-toxic self tanner.

A tan-in-a-bottle but without all the bad stuff. DREAMS! Here are the two that I’ve used and really like – I’ve also heard good things about Vita Liberata Invisi Foaming Tan Water & mouse along with Coola’s lotion and mouse but can’t personally vouch for them:

The Organic Pharmacy Self Tan
With key ingredients of sugar beet-sourced DH, aloe vera, coconut oil, jojoba and shea butter, this self-tanner is sulfate-free, fragrance-free and certified organic. It gives a beautiful color, but to be clear, it’s not a deep rich tan. It looks much more natural.

Kora Organics
For a beautiful honey tone that’s certified organic, Kora is it. Made with noni fruit and rosehip, it’s incredibly hydrating in addition to the color it gives. Plus, it’s supermodel approved (the line was founded by Miranda Kerr).

Any others that I must try?

Wearing: Summersalt Ribbed Voyager Maternity Swimsuit

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  1. Oh, that is interesting! I use self tanner religiously, however, I have to admit that until now I have not really thought about it having any toxic ingredients, but it makes sense to be more sensitive towards that just as you would be with other products you put on your body!
    Thanks for sharing 🙂
    xx Janine

  2. How interesting! Thanks for sharing!

    I’ve been thinking of trying self tanner during winter months so that I have a consistent color throughout the year–right now I have like four different colors of foundation because my skin darkens/lightens so easily. Very annoying.
    I’ll have to check these out!

    I’m curious, though, what makes other tanners toxic?

    I see that the ones you listed are sulfate and fragrance free, which is great if one has sensitive skin, but are sulfates and fragrances toxic? Or is there something else to look out for in other brands of self tanner that makes them inherently bad?

    – Grace | The Keen Kind

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