Let’s Talk About Maternity Swimwear

maternity swimwear

maternity swimwear maternity swimwear maternity swimwear maternity swimwear
During my last pregnancy, my bump started to pop in September and I had our baby girl in January so most of my maternity clothing is fall/winter attire. This time around, my bump popped in spring which meant I needed to do a little shopping! And so far, dressing this baby-making bod for warmer weather is actually quite fun and easy – with the exception of swimsuits.

Swimsuits feel particularly difficult while pregnant. I wouldn’t exactly call myself “bathing suit ready” and I’ve found that a lot of the options are either VERY matronly or don’t fit well. Which is why I was excited when Summersalt not only launched maternity suits but asked me to “model” them for their site. I love that they used a real pregnant woman to show you how they truly fit – it’s soooo weird to me when brands use models with a fake belly – and they are honestly excellent. The quality is great, they’re simple and chic without any fuss, and they grow with your growing belly with clever ties. After wearing them for the shoot, I ordered all three: the ribbed current, the voyager and the bikini top/bottom.

If you’re pregnant and looking for a good suit, check them out! But just FYI – they’re selling out pretty fast so don’t sleep on it. You can also use code GERI10 for a $10 gift towards your purchase.

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