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It’s been a while since we first started the ‘Things I’m Loving’ series, and while we love sharing links from around the web, sometimes it felt like throwing too much content at you guys. After all, we’re truly about an intentional way of living at this site, and often times that comes by way of less. So, in a little refresh to that series, we’ve condensed it into three links: something to watch, read, and listen. We all watch, read, and listen to a lot of things each month, but this series will focus on our favorite piece of content from each category. So if you’re only going to watch/read/listen to one thing this month, make it be one of these…


Big. Little. Lies. It’s back and better than ever because helloooo Meryl Streep! Plus, the soundtrack and scenery continue to kill.


‘The Daily Stoic’ is what’s currently sitting next to my bed, and I suggest it be next to yours, too! Stoicism is a philosophy of personal ethics and I’m slowly learning more about it. This book provides 365 quick lessons/meditations of sort on life – one for each day of the year – and it’s a great way to start the day. Especially if you’re short on time but want something meaningful to focus on every day.


Goop constantly puts out stellar content, but the podcast episode ‘How to Become Your Future Self’ in particular has changed things for me. Warning, the beginning is boring and scientifical, but it’s imperative to understand what comes later. Essentially, the guest, a researcher and author, talks about how you can “change the way you think, the way you act, the way you feel; to change your mind and body.” Truly a fascinating and motivating listen, especially if you’re craving changes in your life.

What are you watching, reading, and listening to? Are we into this new series?!

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