If You Have Your Own Product or Brand, You’ll Want to Read This!

I’m being compensated by QVC & HSN for this post, but all thoughts are my own.

When people ask me the ‘keys to success’ with my blog or past businesses, my answer always stems from something along the lines of this: I’ve constantly looked for innovative ways to monetize ideas I had while working my ass off.

From my earliest memories, I remember having an innate entrepreneurial spirit. Lemonade stands throughout hot LA summers meant cash in my piggy bank and a little bit of ownership as a kid. In college, I stepped things up by running my own consignment shop of sorts out of my sorority bedroom as a business undergrad. I used my life savings to buy hundreds of damaged Seven jeans (they were the hot commodity then!) to re-sell – along with vintage jewelry – and I killed it!

Fast-forward to adult life and my entrepreneurial journey continued while starting this very blog, working a 9-5, and coming up with the idea for leafTV (the company I cofounded and raised every cent to start and then eventually sell). I now sit on the board for a couple companies while still running this blog and consulting on the side + the family-run coffee shop!

Bottom line, I’ve always had my hands in a lot of things. Plus, I was raised by a single mother, which taught me the importance of independence, hard work, and being in charge of my own destiny – as corny as it sounds. This mix of my background is why I’m always first in line to support a local business or a creative entrepreneur trying to get their company off the ground. I’ve mentored several businesses and owners in the past, and today, I’m excited to share another way to help!

Enter: ‘The Next Big Thing for QVC.com’, a chance for one brand/company to take their product to the masses! MAJOR right?

If you’re a fashion, jewelry, accessories, or beauty brand who thinks you’ve got something special and you’ve been working your ass off on your labor of love, I highly recommend entering this amazing opportunity! It’s giving one brand the chance to eventually sell on QVC/HSN and get mentored along the way. Told you it was major!

Here are the details:

Submit your ideas via this link from now until 7/12/19 when the competition closes. You’ll need to submit that form + a video telling QVC and HSN about your journey, your product, and why you think it’s ideal for their customers. From there, you have the chance to make it to the next round to visit one of the company’s locations and present your prototype or product. Any brands/products picked to move to the next round will then get matched with a mentor to prep them for selling on QVC/HSN. So rad!

More info can be found here if needed! Good luck!

PS I’m rounding up some products from QVC that help me with my own business on the daily riiiight here (including our espresso machine, obviously):

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