How to Minimize Your Closet (and Life!) for Summer

Minimize Your Closet
The thermometer just started inching up to the high 70s/low 80s here in LA and it finally feels like summer! The kids are out of school, hot coffee orders have turned into iced and the pools are open!

It isn’t until the weather really gets warm when I get my summer act together, but these small changes make SUCH a difference – especially now that I’ve got a child and another on the way. They’re steps toward maintaining a more minimal lifestyle – making getting ready a cinch and walking out the door.

Pack and store winter clothes & shoes
Packing away and storing winter clothes and shoes is super obvious but not that many people actually do it because it takes a little bit of work. It does, however, make a HUGE difference in your closet. All those bulky sweaters, heavy coats, large bags and snow boots are simply roadblocks to getting ready. I like to get them all out of my closet (and my daughter’s) so that I can see summer options clearly. For my little one, I pack winter clothing away in bins organized by size to save for the next baby or to donate.

Pull out spring/summer
Pull out all the spring/summer clothing and shoes that got packed away after the end of last season. In LA, this is a little trickier as a lot of what I own is year-round, but there are always items that I store at the end of summer that I pull back out. For example, extra swimsuits, beach bags, etc.

Clean out as I go
When I pack up winter and pull out spring, I Marie Kondo my life by getting rid of what no longer brings me joy. For tips on how to do this, check out this post.

Fill in the gaps – especially accessories
Once I remove all winter, add in older spring/summer, and purge (including selling), I like to update my wardrobe. This season I added some floral dresses, “vacation bags,” strappy sandals and a new hat – check out this post for more on what I’m shopping for.

Swap out winter beauty products for summer
There are a handful of beauty products that I use in the winter that I don’t use in the summer and vice versa. For example, I store the heavier face creams, darker lipstick shades, lighter foundations and concealers, and pull out the full body sunscreens, organic self-tanners, darker foundations and concealer, and put my favorite bright lipsticks front and center.

Clean out underwear drawer
I like to do a major spring cleaning of my underwear drawer once or twice a year and this is the perfect time to do it. I toss anything that no longer fits or needs to go for any other reason, then fill in the gaps with what I need. This includes bras and sports bras. More about how I like to do this here.

Try on old bathing suits
I like to go through my bathing suits to see what feels good on. Styles and our bodies change from season to season and the last thing I like to do is try on a suit the day that I need to wear it – you know, in case there’s a meltdown for any reason.

Alright, time to actually go do all of this now that I’ve written it out. Wish me luck!

p.s. how GORGEOUS is Jacey’s closet (pictured)?! #GOALS

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  1. This just reminded me I really need to store my winter and fall clothing haha! Thanks for sharing these tips! I agree, a more minimal lifestyle comes in so handy in the summer time, when all you want to do is head outdoors in your spare time 🙂
    Have a great week!
    xx Janine

  2. I’m in desperate need of a good wardrobe clear out. It’s gotten a bit out of hand to the point where I feel overwhelmed by it…I think I need to break it up and go from there. Tonight, I’ll start with bathing suits! That’s an area I always ignore. #Oops

    xoxo – Kelly

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