10 Ways to ‘Do You’

In a time of Instagram comparison 24/7, gold stars for everyone, and information overload, it’s easy to start living your life on someone else’s terms. Or in a way that pleases everyone but yourself.

I’m totally guilty of this and it’s something I have to check every so often using questions like this: Am I doing this activity because it feels good or because I read that it’s a ‘good way’ to relax? Am I doing this to please someone else and not myself? Am I going to X event out of obligation? Am I trying to be someone I’m not? Would I be acting this way if no one was around?

If I find that most of my answers show that I’m not ‘doing me,’ I know it’s time to focus on myself. Not in a selfish way, but think of it more like living your most genuine, authentic life. Or to make sure you’re doing things that bring YOUR life joy or fulfillment, no matter what popular opinion might be.

If you find that you’re asking yourself the same questions, read on for 10 ways to ‘do you’:

1. Go a season without buying anything marketed to you. Instead, use the clothes in your closet to come up with outfits that feel good to you – even if it’s a classic combo. A classic for a reason, no?

2. Spend a whole weekend without consumption (TV, social media, podcasts) and see where you end up when your ideas remain your own.

3. Look at your calendar for the next month and circle the items you’re not looking forward to. Can you get out of them? At least one?

4. Check yourself before you say ‘sorry’ out of habit. Use it sparingly.

5. Go ahead and let your husband handle bedtime solo – he’s got it. Or let that other coworker plan the next happy hour. Instead, use that brain space and time to plan something for yourself.

6. Pay attention to the next urge you get to take a photo of something. Are you doing it because you want to remember the moment? Or because it’ll make a cute Instagram? If it’s the latter, attempt to savor the moment for yourself instead.

7. Speak up on something that’s important to you or support a cause close to your heart.

8. Give up on the 6 a.m. cycle class if you truly hate it. There’s gotta be a more enjoyable way to move your body!

9. Next time you go to buy something (whether for your house, a wellness product, skincare, whatever), stop for a moment. Are you buying this because someone says you need it? Or because you truly want it/like it/are interested in trying it?

10. If you’re reading a book that you’re not into, stop reading it. Same goes for shows, podcasts, etc. Even if the whole world claims it’s amazing, it might not be your thing – and that’s OK! No need to waste your time on it.

Any other ways to ‘do you’ when you need it?

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  1. This list is fantastic. I love your focus on letting go of “requirements” we’ve adopted from those around us, especially when we know deep down that they’re not the right choices for our authentic selves! I really need to work on my consumption of media… and my overuse of “sorry” (I’m a Canadian, I can’t help it)! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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