Are You Motivated Internally or Externally?

Depending on the type of person you are, you’re either motivated internally or externally. You’re either motivated internally, which means you don’t need anyone but yourself to get motivated – and that sometimes, the pressure from others or even others knowing about you trying to be more motivated can hold you back. Or you’re externally motivated, which means you thrive on proving others wrong or getting support from outsiders. (You can obviously be both, but for the most part, we lean more towards one.)

While we all can probably figure out which of the two we are, it’s not always obvious to set ourselves up for success based on the type of person we are. Next time you’re ready to make a change or are trying to find motivation for something, remember what type of person you are. Here are some things that might excel motivation depending on your type:


  • Treat yourself to self-care as you hit goals – taking care of yourself can be a huge motivator for internally motivated people.
  • Physically write down your goals and cross them off each week.
  • Spend time creating a mood or goal board and put it in plain sight to motivate you daily.
  • Keep a journal, noting how you feel when you take a step back vs. forward, which you can always refer to the next time you’re looking for motivation.


  • Join a Facebook group or online forum where you can find support from others – and to share your growth.
  • Find an accountability partner.
  • Post weekly updates on social media.

Are you internally or externally motivated?

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