Watch, Read, Listen

Back with the series on the best thing to watch, read, and listen to this month. Only one pick per topic so if you’re gong to consume this month, make it be these things…


Whether you were alive for it or born well after, most of our country has a fascination with Woodstock. PBS produced a great documentary recently that tells the story of the legendary concert in 1969. If you’re a music or culture fan, definitely worth a watch! (Also, this is technically a read but this Woodstock love story is quick and heart-warming.)


The Age of Envy: How to be Happy When Everyone Else’s Life Looks Perfect – An interesting article on social media consumption and the envy that accompanies.


I’ve never been a good sleeper and since having a child, my sleep anxiety has been through the roof. If you have a hard time calming down at night or sleeping, I’ve been LOVING the Calm app bedtime stores to lull me into zzz’s.


Have you consumed anything on this list? What have you enjoyed lately?

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