⁣⁣Introducing Adeline Rose

To our new baby girl,⁣⁣

Your Nana’s mom, Adeline Milstein, was a very special woman who had a giant impact on our entire extended family. The name Adeline is of French origin meaning “noble,” the perfect word to describe a person who was known to have the highest integrity, principles, and ideals. She was generous, warm-hearted and strong – a lioness at the center of her community – a leader, teacher and source of light and inspiration for everyone lucky enough to share her space. Her passing at a young age was a great loss to our family, but we are so proud to carry on her legacy by giving you her name; she pronounced it “Ad-a-line,” and we will too.⁣⁣

For your middle name we chose Rose, a classic and beautiful word that reminded us of everything good in the world – hope, beauty, nature and love – and it is our wish that you will experience all of these elements of a life well lived.⁣⁣

Since we never got to meet Adeline Milstein, we reached out to several family members who knew her well and asked them to share some words that we could pass along to you. They spoke of her “gentleness, wisdom, and commitment to family,” called her “just the most fantastic woman ever,” “the epitome of kindness and goodness,” and said she was “the person everyone would come to – with a heart as big as the world.” These are all traits we will strive to instill in you, and which will suit you well as you embark on a life of purpose and adventure with your big sister Leo by your side.⁣⁣

Welcome to the world! We love you!!⁣⁣

Mom & Dad

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