7 Inspiring Wellness Practices from Around the Globe

As someone who loves trying new wellness practices, reading up on them and learning about their origins fascinates me. Because believe it or not, not every wellness trend starts in LA. Hard to believe, I know. In fact, most of the practices we adopt here in the states come from somewhere else in the world entirely.

If you’re just as curious as me, read on for some of the most amazing wellness practices that have been adopted by the US from around the world.

Acupuncture – China

Acupuncture is probably one of the most popular wellness practices in the world and we owe it all to the Chinese. It’s a very old Eastern medicine practice that uses pressure points throughout the body to heal and prevent illness. I didn’t try acu until I was pregnant and wish I would have sooner!

Friluftsliv – Norway

This one is completely new to me but I stumbled upon the word “friluftsliv” recently and thought it was really cool. In Norway, friluftsliv is the concept of intentionally spending time in the outdoors with nature. Ever heard of it? I love that Norway has a word for this and that it’s part of the country’s wellness culture.

Hot springs – Iceland

Iceland is full of natural hot springs, which have shown to help with blood circulation, muscle pain and stress, so of course it makes sense that this practice originates from there. Hot springs can be found all around the world, so if you ever find yourself near one, definitely check it out.

Sage Smudging – North America

I wrote about how to sage your home in this post, but basically it’s a way of clearing negative energy from yourself or a physical space. The practice comes from Native American culture where smudging was a common ritual used to get rid of negative spirits.

Tea – China

Tea has been used for medicinal purposes going back thousands of years starting with Eastern medicine in China. It’s become a major part of wellness culture in the states with brands like Pukka and Teavana launching wellness-specific tea collections. And let’s not forget about the cultural phenomenon that is matcha tea.

Sauna – Finland

I had no idea about sauna culture in Finland until I had a friend visit and then tell me about it. It started hundreds of years ago when Finnish people would use saunas to improve their blood circulation during cold winters. But now it’s a mainstream part of their everyday culture. I read that it’s commonplace for every home to have a sauna in Finland. Count me in on this one!

Cupping – Egypt/China

I haven’t tried cupping but have heard nothing but good things. With mixed origination from Egypt and China, cupping uses glass cups and suction on the body to treat inflammation, muscle tension and respiratory issues.

Did you know about the origin of these wellness practices? So fascinating, right?

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