3 Practices I Invested in While Pregnant

Written by contributor Chelsea Becker

Before getting pregnant, self-care was a big part of my life. From a relaxing morning routine to lots of alone time, I prioritized taking care of my body, mind, and soul. It was truly one of my favorite things – and even a hobby. Then I got pregnant and obviously, things change. Yes, you’re still yourself, but between all the different body and energy changes, it’s just not the same! While I gave up spending so much time on myself, I did adopt a few practices that made all the difference (with being comfortable and staying anxiety free during pregnancy). Clearly I won’t have as much free time once my son arrives, but I’m hoping to keep up with these when I need it.


I was an acu virgin before pregnancy. It was something I always wanted to try but hadn’t. I started going around week 20 but wish I had started earlier – especially for nausea in the first trimester. I would head into an appointment weak from my anemia, anxious, and with back pain, etc. – all things my acupuncturist worked like magic. Even if I still felt the pain after the appt, an hour of laying under infrared lights and forced to stay still was so therapeutic.


Again, I hadn’t visited a chiropractor before being pregnant. I’d heard a lot of mixed reviews and was always pretty scared. But after feeling a sense of “body claustrophobia,” my acupuncturist actually suggested going. OH MY GOD, it changed my life. I honestly felt like I was going a little crazy because I couldn’t crack my back like I usually do when it’s tense, because of my belly. The second the chiropractor cracked me, I felt a major sense of lightness. I nearly cried I was so happy! I’ve been going every two weeks since and think I might be converted for life.

Breath work

I used to be better at breath work but somewhere along the way, I stopped. And for me, one of the hardest parts of pregnancy was the part where it felt hard to breath – when the baby was pushed right up against the lungs. I started doing this breathing practice a few times a day and it really helped. I also did Cat-Cow pose whenever I felt like I needed a breather, literally.

I’d love to hear anything you adopted while expecting!

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