What Would Happen If You Ditched Your Wellness Routine?

The term “wellness routine” was incredibly buzzy in 2017/2018. Headlines, vlogs and insta-stories were saturated with morning wellness routines, evening wellness routines, vacation wellness routines, post-gym wellness routine, car wellness routines (no joke!), etc. I shared plenty of my routines too, ehhh hemmm my morning wellness routine as a new mom.

But what a wellness routine is missing in many ways is satisfying what you need in that moment, in that day. Sure, you still want to take your probiotic, drink enough water and eat enough greens but what we physically and mentally need every single day is constantly changing. So instead of being hyper-focused on a “routine” why not spend more time tuning into your daily needs? Here’s an easy way to approach it:

1. Take a beat, take a few deep breaths and connect within.

2. Ask yourself one simple question: What do I need today?
This is a big question and when answering it, there is always something different to explore. Is there anything giving me anxiety? Where are my aches and pains? Am I feeling nourished? Do I need me time or social time? What have I been neglecting that needs my attention? Etc.

3. Once it’s clear what you’re needing, prioritize 3-5 actionable items and either write them down (in notes on your phone works great for this) or make a mental list. For example:

1. Make the time to meditate at least once today to feel calmer. Set a reminder on your phone for 3pm to help accomplish this.
2. Skip going out tonight to deal with a few things stressing me out: money, disorganization at home and my skin. Eat a healthy meal at home, put on a face mask and clean your messy af closet instead.
3. Stay off instagram as much as possible; it’s not serving me right now. Set time limits if needed on my phone.
4. Make a therapy appointment.

I’ve been doing this for the last few months and I find it to be really effective in tapping into my day to day self-care needs. Try it – let me know how it goes!

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