The Only Planner You Need to See for 2020

Anyone else get excited for the start of a new year solely because it means you can get a new planner? Same. I do utilize Google Cal too for a lot of work stuff, but I’ll never get over my love for a good hard copy planner.

This 100% isn’t sponsored but as someone who really values an amazing planner, I want to tell you all about one of my absolute favorite brands. I came across Golden Coil via the chic minimalist herself, Ashley Kane of Brunch on Chestnut.¬†Their planners are all completely customizable, aesthetically pleasing and spiral bound, which means it can lay flat – a big priority¬†for me.

Because they’re customizable, they really cater to your lifestyle. For example, I included idea sheets, calendar pages, blank pages and a meal prep chart in my planner because those were priorities for me. But they offer tons of other options! Like if you want your planner to primarily focus on health and wellness you can add pages to help guide you on your mood and daily reflections. You can even have pages added that are especially for tracking your baby’s feeding/changing/sleep schedule. Geniussss.

And if you really want your planner to be personalized, you can also choose to add quotes to your pages. Golden Coil makes it super easy to do too. They have a drop-down menu where you can choose from a variety of topics – pop culture, spiritual, productivity, etc. and they will add quotes relating to that topic to your pages. So cool, right?

You can also snag customizable notebooks and lots of cute office accessories on their site as well! Anyway, hope this was helpful to anyone looking for their 2020 planner. And if you have any holy grail planner recs, I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

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