The Amazon Products I Never Knew I Needed

With about a billion products on their site, it’s tricky finding gems on Amazon. I mean, obviously they’re stacked with essentials (to our home) like baby diapers, protein powder, toothpaste, and the like, but what’s harder to find are the hidden must-have’s. Because lemme tell ya, they’re out there, you just gotta dig. After years and years of random Amazon orders – some hits, some misses – I have a stash of items that I truly use every day. These are items you might not think about needing, or at least buying from Amazon, and I hope the list improves your life in some way!

Cordless vacuum

I’m way too frugal to purchase a $600 vacuum (looking at you, Dyson), so I “settled” for this version…which I’ve now had for years and use every single day. Whether it’s a quick vacuum in my bathroom after a blow-dry, under my son’s high chair, or a random mess my dog made, we definitely get our use out of it. It is SO amazing having something lightweight and cordless, and the $90 price tag didn’t hurt.

Bamboo makeup removers

While I know Amazon isn’t the greenest company on the market (you can always pick up your items from an Amazon center or choose the option “send items in the fewest packages possible” though), I do try to be very eco-friendly in most aspects of my life, including skincare. After years of using cotton pads to remove makeup/tone my face, I found these reusable pads which I love. They come with a washing machine bag and I just throw them in with delicates 1x a week.

Workout tank

I am insanely picky about what I workout in. The material, the length, the softness, the look…a lot goes into finding the ideal, comfy workout top. Since finding this tank, I’ve been obsessed. I literally bought 5 of them and it’s now all I wear. With high-waisted leggings, it doesn’t leave too much skin out and it is so. freaking. soft.

Water bottle w/ time markers

Unless I’m at my desk and in my regular routine, I suck at drinking enough water. If I’m traveling, running errands, or just not at home, forget about it. Until I found this glass water bottle! It’s marked by the hour which really helps me to keep me in check if I’m not at home/in my routine. This now comes with me everywhereeee and helps keep my water consumption steady.

Foldable reusable bags

I relied on random reusable bags for years, and it was fine, but I will say I love the upgrade to this set. They match, they fold up really well, and they’re heavy-duty so the straps feel easier on my shoulder. (For my reusable produce bags, click here.)

K now your turn. What Amazon products do I need in my life ASAP?!


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