3 of My Favorite Workout Apps

best workout apps

best workout apps 2020 is the year of workout apps. Am I right? I feel like for a girl on-the-go or someone looking to streamline their workouts, they’re such an easy way to ensure you just do it. You can watch them anywhere, anytime, and for many of the workouts, you don’t need a single piece of equipment. Plus, apps are far less expensive than memberships, classes and personal trainers. Here are my three favorite workout apps:

Melissa Wood Health

She’s all about long and lean lines which is exactly what I aspire to have. Her app has workouts as short as 10 minutes (I love the 10-minute arm workouts after a run) and workouts as long as full body.

C25k or 5k Runner

These are two different apps but they are very similar. They’re both trainers that help non-runners build up slowly to running a 5k. I’m using them to get my run on (more on that here).


Turns out, you don’t need a Peleton to get in a great workout. Their app includes running, boot camp, yoga, strength and more and it’s all really, really good.

Which workout apps are you liking?

p.s. for a roundup of online workouts that I like for home, check out this post.

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