The Best Piece Of Anti-Aging Advice I Ever Received

Stay out of the sun, use sunscreen, always wash your face, don’t skip the eye cream! There are so many pieces of beauty advice that truly make a difference but the one I swear by most is this simple tip:

To avoid wrinkles, simply don’t wrinkle your face. Be mindful of not moving your forehead as much as possible, avoid raising your eyebrows (including while you talk) and furrowing your brow. Ultimately this simple trick will keep you from developing fine lines.

Someone shared this tip with me when I was in college – they said it was the key to youth – and I stuck with it. I swear this has helped keep my forehead looking much younger than it is, an area which is usually an early sign of aging. I also try not to squint (something that gets much harder with age).

Try it and let me know how it goes. It requires a lot of concentration at first but it becomes second nature.

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  1. Love becauseimaddicted – but not loving this advice. Expressing yourself physically through your face is so important as a form of communication, I can’t imagine not giving goofy faces, big grins, or even big scowls (when needed)!

    1. hii! i def don’t NOT do goofy faces or smile. i just try not to unnecessarily lift my brows like when applying makeup, talking regularly, etc. hope that clarifies! xx

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