How I’m Prioritizing Making My Own Food

Trust me when I say I’ve fallen prey to the food delivery apps or the pre-made meals section at the grocery store. We’ve all been there, and there’s definitely a time and place for eating out and quick/convenient meals, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I usually feel my best when I take the time to make my own food.

There are some days when I think to myself, wow, this was so quick and easy, why don’t I do this more? And then those other days when my almost 11-month-old son is sick or being more difficult than usual and work is crazy and life just happens and making a fresh, wholesome meal is the furthest thing from my mind. So how do we carve out the time? How do we make it a priority? These are questions I’ve been asking myself a lot lately and I think I have some solutions not only for myself but for anyone else who simply wants to make their own damn food.

Commit to it as a household

If you’re in a relationship and live with someone, this is super important – kind of like being on the same page with anything else. When you both make it a goal to cook more at home, it’ll cut down on those nights where you’re in the kitchen cooking and your partner walks in the door with takeout. Not only can this help you eat higher quality food, but save some money too and I’m all about that.

Share in the responsibility

Speaking of committing to it as a household, when you and your partner or even you and your roommate both want to work towards making your own food, it takes the pressure off a bit. Knowing you don’t always have to be the one slaving away in the kitchen of getting groceries can help it not feel so overwhelming. I’d recommend assigning certain days of the week for each of you to cook and prep and then also rotate grocery shopping.

Make extra when you do have time to cook

This is something I’m actively working on getting better at. Usually, I’m just thinking about that day or the week, but if I start doubling or even tripling recipes when I do have the time to cook, then I’ll have extra that I can freeze for later. Suddenly those convenience meals I rely on sometimes will be food I made myself, which is the ultimate goal.

Make it fun

I feel like I’m better at a lot of things when I can shift my mindset from thinking of them as a chore or something I have to do, to something fun. Maybe this means picking up a few new cookbooks and finding new and different recipes or getting in the kitchen as a family and cooking/baking. Whatever it is, I think you have a higher likelihood of finding the time to make your own food if you look forward to it instead of dread it.

How do you prioritize making your own food? Still a work in progress over here so would love your advice!

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  1. Not only think of it as fun (and definitely not a chore) but put your favorite music on and think of it as relaxation and therapeutic . Just like shopping for a special gift for someone special – cooking for someone is a way of showing how much you love them and want them to be healthy. It can be very rewarding.

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