The Clean Glowy Product To End All Glow Products

Say helllllo to Glowy Super Gel! Think of the best glow ever and put it in a bottle. It’s kinda like that—well, exactly that. It’s the prettiest, glowiest, lightest-weight luminizer that looks like an Instagram filter on your skin and acts like skincare because the ingredients are that good.

You can wear it alone for an unfussy, did-she-just-get-a-facial glow. Or, wear under foundation or tinted SPF as a weightless, lit-from-within primer. OR, add it over any look for a super glowy finish. You can also add it to anywhere you bare, like chest and collarbones, shoulders and legs.

There’s no strobing, glitter and/or powders (you know, the ones that sit on top of your face) in the product. It’s packed with natural brighteners like Papaya and Vitamin C, plus moisturizing Rose Hip Seed along with 75% water so it melts right into your skin for unbelievable illumination. The champagne-tinged “Starglow” shade is universal and really enhances any skin tone.

It’s a 10/10. And it’s $25!

Available here.

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