5 Beauty Trends Worth Exploring During Quarantine

If you have time and have already consumed all the Netflix, books and Zoom’s one’s eyeballs can take, why not explore some beauty trends?

Some ideas:

Skin Fasting
Just as the name suggests, it’s literally a complete fast of beauty products for your skin. Zero face washing, moisturizer, makeup, etc. Think of it as a hard reset. I did it and it did wonders for my skin – more about it here.

Quite the opposite of skin fasting, multi-masking is using different masks at the same time to accomplish different skincare needs for different areas. For example, you may want a clarifying mask for your forehead and jaw while needed to moisturize cheeks and the eye area. Play around with what you got!

If you haven’t gua-sha’d yet, now is a great time to order one if you don’t have one already, watch a tutorial and getting gua-sha’ing. It’s one of my favorite ways to relax at night – don’t skip your neck, chest and shoulder areas, arguably the best part!

If you’ve ordered any face devices but they’re sitting unused, pull them out and use them now! Or order new ones to get going. Ideas: NuFace, LED light mask, LightStim and/or Ziip. Any that I missed?

I’ve written about the ice roller a lot and still love it! If you haven’t given it a go, now is a great time to get one (here). I’ve also been exploring other cooling tools like cooling globes and cryo sticks.

What else would you add to this list?

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