1 Minute Self-Care

I never understood when people would say that they never had time to themselves. It sounded like an exaggeration….really, no time? Seemed impossible! And then this quarantine hit and with two in diapers, I’m experiencing it myself. I literally have no time alone and feel overwhelmed.

So, to try to help myself, I started practicing 1-minute self-care throughout the day. Collectively it makes a difference as little “me moments” give me a burst of energy and peace of mind.

Here are five 1-minute self-care practices I get in every single day:

1. A pause in the shower
Believe it or not, I can’t even shower alone. My five-month-old is always with me. She’s usually quiet and happy hanging out on her mat or in a bouncy seat so I take at least one minute to close my eyes, let the water run down my back and zone out. No washing my hair or shaving legs, just a moment of nothing.

2. Skincare on my neck and decolletage
I’ve been a little neglectful with my neck/decolletage and recently and feel like I’m aging rapidly in those two areas. So to feel better about it, I’ve committed to taking an extra minute to apply my skincare down my neck and onto my chest every morning and every night.

3. Posture brace
My posture is a joke. Between hunching over for feedings, cleaning and endless cooking, it’s worse than ever. I’m trying to pop on my posture brace (I have this one) everyday to help with this – it takes a minute to put on then I try to wear it for as long as I can. It usually comes off when a child needs to be lifted up but however long I get is a win.

4. Cat cow
When I’m down on the floor playing with my girls, I’ll take a minute to do some cat-cow stretching. My two-year-old loves to do it with me too which is so cute.

5. Foam roll before bed
My back is full of tension – by the end of the day all I want is a massage – so I spend a minute foam rolling (I like this one) out my back before I get into bed. It feels amazing and a minute is enough time to alleviate tension.

If you have other ideas for 1-minute self-care, please leave them in the comments. I’m all ears!

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  1. Yes, #2 is so important! You want your chest and neck to match your face! How long have you been using the posture brace? Have you found it helpful.

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