Tips For Stretching Fruits & Veggies

In a world where heading to the market can be a potential health risk, making the most out of what you have is key. Fruits and vegetables specifically since they’re perishable. From freezing to refrigerating and properly storing, here a few tips that I’ve found useful when it comes to stretching produce:

1. Refrigerate as much as possible
Citrus, apples and pears aren’t things I normally toss in the fridge but they do last longer in the fridge so fillll that fridge up!

2. Freeze
Freezing sliced bananas, cut up squash, potatoes, chopped up herbs, ginger and turmeric root, berries and greens is a great way to ensure you always have some on hand. Here’s the best way to freeze to avoid clumping according to goop:
1. Wash and break down whatever you’re freezing into smallish pieces – they’ll freeze and defrost faster this way.
2. Spread them out on a sheet tray or a flat surface that can handle the freezer and freeze.
3. Once frozen, transfer to a freezer-proof airtight bag.

3. The Swag Bags
These bags are produce savers (as are these)! You dampen them, ring them out, then store your veggies in them and it really really stretches shelf life. Alternatively, you can use damp towels – just be sure to re-dampen throughout the week.

4. Smart placement
Certain fruits and veggies produce ethylene (avocados, kiwis, tomatoes, honeydew melons) while others are ethylene sensitive (apples, broccoli, carrots, lettuce) so store smartly to avoid unnecessary rotting. Keep them in separate bowls and/or areas of the fridge.

5. Cut as you go
If you can avoid cutting fruits/veggies until you need them, it will keep them fresh longer.

What other tips are you living by for stretching your produce?

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