Hiii + Blog Update

Hii. Hiiii! HIIIIII! It’s been a while since my last blog post. Over three month which for me, someone who posted at least twice a week since 2005, is a loooong time without hitting the publish button.

Firstly, how are you? I hope you’re well and dealing with 2020 with some grace. What a year, ay?

Secondly, I miss you! Like really miss you. I didn’t need to step away to know that I love writing here and sharing with you all but the time away certainly is a reminder. There’s something very different, and more meaningful, about a meaty blog entry vs. an Instagram post which regardless of length, always feels like it gets lost in the ether.

As for us, we’re hanging in! Definitely have our ups and our downs, our high highs and low lows. As a working mom of two without help with my girls, there’s been a lot on my plate hence the halt in blog posts. Certain things had to give, you know? Outside this blog, you can always keep up with me on IG. I’m still very on top of responding to DM’s, posting content there pretty regularly and have brought back more LEAF like videos to my feed. Find me @gerihirsch.

In blog news, I’d like to start posting again. Not as regularly as before but weekly maybe? Bi-weekly? And I want the content to be meaningful to you as a readers. So, please lmk if there’s anything you want to see here? Top requests right now (as learned from a Q&A I did last night during our power outage) are a detailed day-to-day of how I manage my time with work and my girls (spoiler alert: constantly feel like I’m failing), more about transcendental meditation (TM), how I stay motivated, products used on my girls and an updated non-toxic cleaning products list (old one here). What else? Please lmk!

Big virtual hugs to you all! Feels good to be back!

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  1. Yay, you’re back. Good to hear how you’re doing. I don’t have IG, so I’m glad to see you here. Really curious to the meditation! X

  2. You are not failing your learning and growing.Trust huh our instincts and give yourself a F………ing break .Good enough is the new perfect got it ! ‘Good Enough parenting D.W.Winnicott.To bad our children come with a full set of instructions.

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