Watermelon Pizza


Watermelon Pizza Watermelon Pizza Watermelon Pizza Watermelon Pizza Watermelon Pizza Geri Hirsch + Watermelon Pizza
Just when I thought I couldn’t possibly love pizza any more than I already do, watermelon pizza becomes a thing and my gosh, it is delicious! Plus, healthy pizza?! All for it!

The refreshing fruit pizza has quickly become my favorite summer snack AND dessert, mostly because it’s mouth-watering good but also because it presents beautifully (making for a great Insta, obvi).

Watermelon pizza is a cinch to whip up, too. Simply cut a watermelon an inch thick, then cut into pizza slices. Drizzle yogurt (I like to combine Greek yogurt and almond milk to make it more of a sauce) then top with kiwis, peaches, berries, granola, coconut shreds, or whatever else you have on hand. Drizzle with agave or honey, top with mint, and BOOM! Delish!


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