The Benefits of Tongue Scraping

OK, so tongue scraping doesn’t have a great ring to it, but it’s actually kind of amazing – promise. It’s a popular topic in the wellness world and is an ancient Ayurvedic practice (similar to this water bottle), which I’m always down for learning more about. Not to mention it’s important for good oral health, so it’s a perfect subject for this week’s live well series.

Benefits of tongue scraping:

  • Keeps the tongue free of any lingering debris from food
  • Cleans bacteria off of the tongue’s surface
  • Removes the white or yellow coating that can form on the tongue during sleep or while eating and drinking, which can help prevent bad breath
  • Cleans your tastes buds, which can enhance your sense of taste

So as you can see there are some pretty legit benefits. And to start doing it, all you have to do is incorporate it into your regular tooth brushing routine. Simply give your tongue a few gentle scrapes before brushing and you’re good to go. Key word: gentle!

And, the best part is, this tongue scraper I found is actually very aesthetically pleasing, which always encourages me when it comes to starting new habits – anyone else?

Who is down to try? Or have you already? Lemme know!

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  1. I started tongue scrapping earlier this year and I love it! Definitely helps with breath issues and food tastes so much better! I feel it helps me with overall wellness/ allergies too.

  2. I have been tongue scraping for I feel like forever (meaning 10 years, maybe). I started because I just didn’t feel my mouth clean enough and it honestly makes a world of a difference! Many toothbrushes have a tongue scraping thingy on the back and I have found my favourite, so I just use that after brushing my teeth with my OralB 4000!


  3. tongue scraping is a must! I get a little plastic one from the dentist every now and again – makes a world of a difference.

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