jonathan adler’s happy chic


I’ve always admired Jonathan Adler’s use of color but find myself a bit apprehensive whenever I come close to making a bold design choice. What if I hate it? Will I get sick of something loud? How will this transition if I want to switch up the room? I’m hoping […]

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10 minutes


Linguine with Clams in 10 minutes, thank you Trader Joe’s! Who wants to come over for dinner? More on the recipe here and for you Trader Joe’s lover’s you may want to check out their ‘I Love Trader Joe’s Cookbook.’ I browsed through it last night and saw a meal […]

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Me, myself and mags


This week has been a whirlwind so this weekend I intend to cuddle up and zone out to a stack of glossy mags and my new book, The Omnivore’s Dilemma, which has me contemplating becoming a vegetarian. I attempted it for 3 days but fell off the wagon after the […]

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waist accessories


in true nirvana style mk is bringing back tying flannels around your waist. what do you think of the throwback trend, would you rock it? one things for sure, if this trend miraculously reappears it will definitely make it more difficult to play ‘spot the tourists.’ sidenote: mk & ashleys […]

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go fug yourself girls do a book!!


the go fug yourself girls are bringing you even more laughter!! the witty duo, heather cocks and jessica morgan, have come out with a book, Go Fug Yourself: The Fug Awards. What’s it about? Well, here’s what the back cover says: Hailed as “the meanest queens in the cafeteria” by […]

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