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Back with this month’s version of our new series, Watch Read Listen (if you missed the intro and first installment, click here). This series is meant to be simple, so I’ll get right into it!


I don’t watch too many movies but I LOVED ‘Someone Great’ on Netflix. It’s a modern-day story about love in all kinds of ways – from relationships to friendship – and honestly, it’s just cute. Definitely an easy watch for a weekend night with your girls or guy and a margarita. The soundtrack is epic, too! (For the record, I hated the name of this movie.)


This article was mind-blowing mainly because it so perfectly explained what it feels like to be a mom/female in a way I could never articulate. I sent it to my husband and I’ve sent it to several friends going through a tough time. Even if you don’t have kids, this article is a great look into what females (or caretakers) go through in general.


I had no idea who Tait Fletcher was before listening to his episode on The Skinny Confidential’s podcast but now I’m basically in love with him. He is mentor status and I was shocked how much I enjoyed this show! I especially appreciated his thoughts on ‘standing in line’, working hard, and being present. If you’re building a business, wanting to improve yourself, or are at a crossroads in life, listen now.

What’s on your list this month?

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