How To Update Your Space With A Simple Hat Wall

hats-interior-decor1-1 hat wall hat wall
Do you have a nook in your home that can use a little styling? Why not try a good hat wall? The design idea doubles as organization and decor plus it will inspire you to wear some of your favorite hats more often. You can set it up in a hallway or anchor a floating spot with a table and add in your favorite coffee table books, candles, trinkets, greenery and other household items for some panache.

This is an inexpensive home upgrade that is simple but cute! Watch my video above for tips on setting up your own  – hope you enjoy!

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A Look Inside Khloé Kardashian’s Fitness Closet

khloe-kardashian-closet-1 khloe-kardashian-closet-4 khloe-kardashian-closet-5
Say hello to the workout closet of Khloe Kardashian’s dreams! She recently opened up the doors to her 150 square-foot fitness closet to SELF and it is seriously out of control! The closet includes rows and rows of hanging space, built-in shelves for her collection of colorful Nikes, sliding drawers to showcase her sweatbands and hair accessories, a mini refrigerator stocked with water, and shelving for medicine balls, foam rollers, yoga blocks, and more.

With a closet and gear like that, there is no excuse not to workout. More of the closet after the jump!

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Pendelton Towels

pendelton towels stacked pendelton towels stacked 2 IMG_6521 pendelton towel
Pendelton Towel pendelton towel 1 Pendleton Glacier Park Towel  3 Pendleton Glacier Park Towel  2 Pendleton Glacier Park Towel  1 pendelton towels pendelton towels 3 pendelton towels 2
Pendelton has been making their beautifully bright and geometric patterned blankets since 1896. Made in Portland, they are truly a Southwest Americana staple and have become quite the collectors item.

My recent Pendelton obsession? Their towels! After discovering that they make towels very similar to their blankets at Urban Outfitters I scooped up the JacquardGlacier Park, Journey WestLos OjosSaxony Hills and Mara Hoffman X Pendleton Jaguar and have found all sorts of great uses for them. I love stacking them up as decor, draping them on the back of chairs for Al Fresco suppers, laying on them while picnicking and of course, wrapping myself up in them to dry off at the beach.

Who knew towels could be so multifunctional? Not to mention incredibly design oriented.

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