Is A Doula Important?

is a doula important?

Three months ago, I wasn’t totally sure you what a doula or midwife actually did. I knew they worked with pregnant women, but what exactly did they do? Couldn’t tell you. Then one day while laying on the table at my prenatal chiropractor’s office, he started asking me about my […]

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The Jane

A few weeks back, the lovely ladies of Hatch came by for a little photo shoot/interview session which involved playing dress up in their chic maternity clothes and talking all things cravings/stretch marks/wellness (read all about it here). One of my favorite pieces from the shoot was this Jane Maxi […]

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How My Diet Changed During Pregnancy

pregnancy diet

Not gonna lie, pregnancy caused a real shakeup in the eating department for me during my first trimester. As someone who is generally a clean eater and happy with green juices and fish with veggies, I found myself nauseated by the sight of my favorite healthful items and instead was […]

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Queen G

beyonce halloween costume

​ I’ve been wanting to do something fun and creative with my pregnant belly since it popped and Halloween was the perfect chance. I mean…how could I not?! So, Happy Halloween from my inner Beyoncé to yours! Huge thank you to everyone who helped me pull this off: Kim Kyne […]

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