LIVE WELL: A Clean Fridge

organized fridge

organized fridge
One thing about being pregnant and home more so than usual, was the amount of nesting that I was able to accomplish. And I’m talking about more than getting the nursery ready and baby-related things in order. One of the areas that I nested, or focused on the most, was the nooks and crannies full of stuff. We live in a fairly minimal home when it comes to stuff, but of course certain areas end up filled-to-the brim and in need of attention.

Case in point: our fridge.

It’s an area that gets used every single day, yet it doesn’t get cleaned as often as it should – oops! I literally just forget about it. So, after making breakfast recently, I decided to fully clean out the fridge. I’m talking about taking every single item out, getting rid of anything expired or sad looking, wiping all items off and cleaning them up, cleaning out the drawers and shelves, then mindfully placing the good stuff back in. Freezer too!

All in all it probably took 30 minutes (I listened to a podcast and it was quite therapeutic if I’m honest), and it came with such a happy payoff. Since I open the fridge multiple times a day, seeing a clean, tidy space every time the door swing opens has been such an unexpected pleasure. It’s similar to a clean closet after a huge donation day you know?

Plus, it just feels healthier already – now that I can actually see what we have and I was able to place produce that needed to be eaten front and center.

So even if you’re not *nesting*, I urge you to give your fridge/freezer a little love soon. Maybe it’s a Saturday morning activity after cleaning up breakfast, or maybe you do it once a month. Either way, I promise that crossing this off will lead you feeling motivated and fresh. Literally!

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