3 Smoothies To Add To Your Spring Lineup

smoothie recipes

smoothie recipes smoothie recipes
The first day of spring is​ coming up​ (March 20th) and, I for one, am excited to welcome the new season! Who else?

If you’re looking to jump on the spring smoothie wagon, here are a few of my favorites:

Watermelon + Cucumber Smoothie
Decompress with this spa-inspired blend, filled with supremely hydrating ingredients like watermelon, cucumber and coconut water. Sweetened with organic raspberries and lime juice, and then a hearty dose of Omega-3s and chia seeds, it helps prevent inflammation and destruction from free radicals. Sip by sip, let tranquility take over as you embrace the Ohm.​

Peanut Butter Blast
Between the oats, banana and peanut butter, this smoothie is not only milkshake-like but it’s incredibly filling thanks to the dense amount of nutrients. Ideal for a post-workout mea​l. Mmmmmmm mmmm good!

The Green Dream
This tropical, green-packed smoothie is ​light, tight, and an ideal way to start the day off on a healthy note. Warning, it may become your new favorite.

Any smoothie recipes you’re loving for spring? Please share!

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  1. Great receipts! I love such smoothies very much. The one about watermelon and cucumber quenches thirst greatly as well as detoxifies the whole organism. Great post, thanks for sharing!

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