Introducing Leo Gem!

To our first born baby girl:
We named you after a real life superhero, Deputy Sheriff Leobardo Trujillo, the guardian angel who saved your father’s life two years ago, and without whom, quite simply, we would have never met you. Derived from the Latin word for lion, Leo was the name of many early saints, and suggests strength of character, leadership, and optimism. It is our dream that these traits will also reside in you, manifesting themselves in a passion to lead the way for others while seeking an eventful, exciting life for yourself.
Your middle name Gem was given to honor important people from both sides of the family – a “G” for three strong women: your mom’s most beloved grandma Gladys, and two Goldie’s – a great-grandmother on both Mom and Dad’s sides. The word itself reminds us of Dad’s great-grandfather Sam, an inspiring figure who worked hard to build a jewelry business which he would later pass on to Dad’s favorite grandparents Lowell and Bobette Friedman. We hope that you will follow in their footsteps by developing an appreciation for beauty, and the importance of family, all while nurturing a deep desire for adventure and always setting your own pace in life.
Welcome to the world! We love you!!
Mom & Dad

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