LIVE WELL: Improve Your Finances

Money can be a major cause of daily stress, so I thought it might be good to include it as a topic in the LIVE WELL series.

I usually get stressed about money when I realize I’m spending way too much on materialistic things. It can be really hard to find balance in the world we live in today with social media and easy electronic payment methods. I mean, you don’t even have to have your wallet with you these days to pay—your phone can handle it all. Crazy, crazy!

That being said, I’ve been giving the topic some thought lately and also doing some reading on good financial habits to build. These are my main takeaways:

Always have savings

According to what I’ve read, Americans aren’t the best savers. We rely too heavily on credit cards when emergencies happen and easily fall into debt. Even if you’re chipping away at student loans or credit cards, make sure you’re still setting aside some cash (they say three to six months worth of expenses is best) so if something pops up you don’t have to wrack up more debt.

Work with a financial planner

Financial planners and wealth advisors are careers for a reason. It’s completely fine if you need help managing your money and making smart choices; that’s what the professionals are here for. Also, I don’t know about you, but investing is freaking complicated and no way would I dare do it without help. This is a MUST!

Dedicate time to your finances

I totally get that it’s easier to just not look at your bank account and cross your fingers that everything is in good shape. But I can’t tell you the relief I feel knowing my husband and I make dedicated time to sit down and strictly talk money. It keeps us on the same page in our marriage and gives us peace of mind.

Have a budget of sorts

Every household operates differently, so I don’t believe there’s a one-size-fits-all for how to budget (this is where working with a financial planner can reallllly help). But, I think having some boundaries and goals laid out can only help you get to a good place financially.

What did I leave off? Does anyone else have finance tips? Plz share!

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