5 Types of Breaks That Can Improve Your Life

Improve Your Life
Though vacations are the truest time to relax and get away from everyday life stressors, it’s not like we can all take off every time we need a break. And sometimes, we need to distance ourselves from something a lot smaller than work or to-do lists. Because of that, I find it refreshing to take breaks from a few other things in my life. Maybe you need the same kind of breaks? Read on to see!

From TV

TV can be such a time suck when you’re not conscious about it. Watching one episode of Handmaid’s Tale can turn into then aimlessly watching whatever catches your eye. Next thing you know, it’s midnight and you’re cutting into needed sleep time because of Jersey Shore reruns (been there!). I find that taking a full week off from TV leads to much more enjoyable weeks – full of reading, stretching before bed, dinner with friends, and sleep! Netflix will wait.

From sugar

I’ll admit it, I’m fully addicted to sugar and usually a sweet treat after dinner – and I hate it. When I’m feeling truly hooked to sugar, I like to take a break for a couple weeks. I always feel so great (after the first couple days of major cravings) without it and it’s a good reminder that it actually makes me feel like shit. Here’s how to cut it.

From your to-do list

Even if you can’t escape to Hawaii, you can escape your to-do list. Every few months when I’m feeling super overwhelmed, I spend a whole weekend doing absolutely nothing. I’ll literally save all errands for the week after (or even delegate them before the weekend, which is best case) and allow myself not to feel guilty. I’ll say no to all plans, won’t get out of my pajamas, won’t set my alarm for my workout, and so on. There’s something SO refreshing about a weekend of nothing – and the best part is it doesn’t take leaving your home. Even if you have kids, allow the whole home to just chill for the weekend.

From gossip and judgement

I don’t find myself gossiping often, but silent judgement is another thing. I find that it’s ALL about being conscious about it, though. If I remind myself to not be judgy that week, it’s pretty easy to ignore and replace judgement with positive thoughts about people. If you find yourself judging harshly or talking about others, set a weekly reminder of the intention.

From your phone

You know what to do here. Try it! Even if for a day.

Do you break from anything that makes you feel especially great? Spill!

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  1. Love these ideas! I find it so refreshing to take a break from SCREENS in general. You don’t realize how hard it is until you try it, but your eyes, your mind, and your soul will appreciate it!

  2. From worry fear ,and self judgement .Making a conscious effort does work it takes practice and meditation helps.Allow those thoughts to pass over like clouds in the sky rather than

  3. I took a break from Instagram and I loved it! I was more productive and I felt less anxious. Screen time, esp at night is something that I’m working on. Getting in the bed earlier definitely helps jumpstart the process.

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