The 3 Exercises I’ve Picked Up Since Giving Birth

I feel like talking about my postpartum body deserves an entire post (mamas, I have so much respect for you), because the struggle is real. From your body changing to what it does to you mentally, it’s an adjustment to say the least. I tried to be kind and patient with my body that just did an amazing thing, but I won’t lie and say that it was easy. I was more than ready to start moving around once I got the OK from my doctor – not only to help lose baby weight but to feel better mentally.

Here are 3 exercises I’ve started doing since giving birth:


This is actually one of my favorite ways to exercise and mom at the same time. Leo loves being outside, and I found that this was the first real way to get my body moving after she came. Whether she was napping or staring up at the sky, we both got time in nature, and I got out of the house. And it’s amazing how good walking is when you’re going on long ones. Sitting is the new smoking after all, so I tried to get out on an hour walk a day after a few weeks of giving birth – and still do.


I’ve never been an avid hiker, but I’m appreciating it more these days. It’s like walking with a boost and it’s something that’s almost therapeutic. If you’ve been sick of the gym (or hate it), try putting a hike on your schedule once a week and see if that’s more motivating. Plug in a podcast and zen out.


For me, it was about starting slow and then working back up into my intense workouts with my trainer (that I actually missed SO much). While walks and hikes were giving me cardio, I missed weight training and going best mode. If you can financially swing it, I highly recommend hiring a personal trainer after giving birth. Qualified ones know what you can take, and they can help you focus on certain areas (like the stomach or whatever). We do a mix of cardio, HIIT, and weights, and it gives me tons of energy too.

Been living in this full outfit by Tory Sport for said activities – can we talk about the chic nautical theme going on? I’ve loved getting new gear that fits my new body and makes me excited to get into workout mode.

Wearing Tory Sport everything: Seamless Chevron Legging, Classic Track Jacket, Ruffle Sneaker

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  1. I am a hiking and yoga girl when I hike I like to listen to the sound of nature fills me emotionally ,Physically and spiritually!I do weight training and core training at home.

  2. So I was on instagram and stumbled upon stretch therapy! It’s like a Thai massage and it helps with pain, range of movement and tension. I think I’m going to book a session because my upper back is so tight, my shoulders are practically touching my ears lol

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