Holiday Party Ready

Tomorrow is December 1st! HOW?! I don’t know either – this year has zoomed by!

With the start of December comes the whirlwind of holiday gatherings, celebrations, and let’s be honest, A LOT of obligations. To help make the busiest month of the year a little less stressful, I like to do something that we talked about a few weeks ago and that is to plan outfits in advance – more specifically outfits to wear to parties.

From leather pants with cozy sweaters to festive dresses like this one and a few key makeup looks like a holiday eye and red lip, having outfits ready to go removes one element of stress. My other secret? Stocking up on hostess gifts so that there’s no need to pop into a liquor store to pick up a bottle of wine on our way to a celebration.

Some outfit ideas for the holidays:

What do you do to help ease the flurry of the holiday season?

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