LIVE WELL: Outfits in Advance

Funny enough, I LIVED for picking out my school outfits the night before all throughout high school. Maybe it’s the planner in me or my appreciation for fashion, but it was always a part of my nighttime routine. (Oh, and maybe it was the fact that there were about zero responsibilities or to-do lists in my life then.) But anyways! Somewhere along the late nights in college, I stopped this habit. Instead, I replaced it with haphazardly throwing on whatever that morning – and it’s a trend that’s followed me into my thirties. But enough about me.

The point is, laying out your outfit the night before has magic to it. It’s a tip to living well. Why?

Well, for one, our brains only have so much “decision-making ability” each day, and that peaks in the morning – when willpower and focus is highest. So why waste that brain space on picking out an outfit? I know I’d rather save it for getting in a workout, writing a blog post, or something that takes more effort. If you choose your outfit at night, you’re not *wasting* that limited brain capacity, since it doesn’t take much effort for most of us.

Plus, it saves time in the morning, which I’m pretty sure we’d all like more of. More time for a morning wellness routine, too!

It’s a simple tip, but one that I’ve been trying lately. Even if I’m working from home the next day, I’ll lay out my leggings and top of choice, so that it’s set up in the a.m. And if I have meetings or whatever, I take a few extra minutes to choose that out the night before – after checking weather. Plus, sometimes I realize I need to wash a garment and can throw it in that night instead of stressing in the morning.

It’s now because a part of my nighttime routine, while listening to a podcast and winding down, and gotta say – I’m happy it’s back in my life.

Do you pick out clothes the night before? Or morning of?

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