LIVE WELL: Invest in Loungewear

One of the “struggles” I faced when I started working from home was the clothing situation. I didn’t want to live in the same pajamas I had just slept in, but let’s be honest, the thought of jeans when I’m about to sit at my computer for 8 hours doesn’t sound appealing either. This is where my love for “loungewear” came in.

It’s a thing, but it’s not the easiest to find – trust me. Most brands either have PJs or athletic gear, and not much in between. But after some digging and trial and error, I’ve found a drawer full of goodies that I turn to daily.

Even if you don’t work from home, I believe in the power of good loungewear. There’s something about wearing something semi chic and pulled together vs. leggings and a hoodie or a PJ set all weekend. These loungewear items feel sooo yummy on, and don’t make me feel like a slob when I’m hanging out.

Promise that investing in a few specific pieces will make life better. If you’re in need, here are some favorite pieces at different price points. Thank me later!

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