Gift Idea: Starter Kit for the Non-Toxic Newbie

If you’re not totally over gifting by now or, cough couch, haven’t started buying, I have a fun idea for someone in your life: a non-toxic starter kit. This isn’t something I’ve done before, but I’ve put together a couple for loved ones this season. So many people in my life are interested in clean or non-toxic living but aren’t sure where to start. Totally get it! It can be overwhelming and confusing AF.

Which is why this makes it super easy for them. Here are a handful of pieces that would be perfect to gift – whether you gift the whole kit or choose an item.


Lots of people don’t know that candles can contain harmful chemicals that are then released into the air – and your home! From lead wicks to allergens, there’s a lot of risk. Most soy candles are cleaner but read this article before shopping for ones in store. I love this brand and you can find more here.


When making the switch to clean beauty, things can be expensive and reallyyy overwhelming. I recommend starting with things that cover more ground and you use daily. One of those things being a facial cleanser, like this one that’s as pretty as it is useful.

Body wash + scrub

Again, gift people things that cover their whole body daily and they’ll be on their way to a healthier system. I live for this body wash and whoever you’re gifting it to will love the eucalyptus scent (and fun message). I’d also recommend throwing in a non-toxic body scrub that’s perfection for this time of year!


I love gifting sage bundles. It’s not only a relaxing, energy-clearing practice that makes for an amazing new year experience, but it can clear the air of pollutants, allergens, and the like. Read more about it here, but it’s a pretty little topper for a gift.

Body oil

With dry winter skin, anyone would adore getting a luxe body oil – at least I would! This is my favorite body oil that I gift over and over for ultimate non-tox body love + hydration.

Cleaning wipes

This isn’t the most glam gift ever, but for someone who truly wants to make an effort to live without toxins, cleaning solutions are crucial. After all, they’re what you use to clean your precious home with! I use these eucalyptus wipes every single day whether in my house or in the car, and are especially good for people with kids. This brand has actual bundles too if you want to include more. Sometimes useful gifts are the best!

Anyone gifting non-toxic items from my list? Lemme know!

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