5 Things to Try Before Checking Your Phone Every Morning

I go through phases of using my phone in the morning and being adamant about Airplane Mode until I’m ready to start my day. Without a doubt, my mornings go smoother and I feel more centered when my phone is NOT the first thing I grab, so I’m using today’s article as selfish motivation in a way. (Just being honest!) At the same time, if you have a habit of reaching for your cell as soon as your alarm goes off, let’s both consider doing these 5 things first instead. K?

Self-care power hour

On a perfect morning, this is what I’m doing for the first hour or so, no phone in site. Or at least a phone on Airplane Mode for things like podcasts, but honestly, I love when I leave my phone untouched until I’m done with everything.

Give someone love

If you live with a partner, cuddling for a few minutes or even chatting over coffee is a much more beautiful way to wake up and connect vs. both being on your phones in silence. If you live with animals, they’re natural cortisol boosters, so spend a few minutes cuddling them. If you have kids, savor the somewhat quietness of the a.m. with them. If you live alone, do something for yourself, or bring the neighbor their newspaper – just start the morning with love.

Touch base with yourself

The bad thing about reaching for your phone first thing is that your time instantly becomes dedicated to other people. Whether that’s reading an email that’s stressful, seeing an Instagram that gives you FOMO, or seeing your 45 unread notifications, no thanks! Instead, spend a couple minutes going over your day, writing out a list, and setting an intention for the day. Do you first.

Skincare routine

Nothing wakes me up more than a solid skincare routine. From splashing my face with water or ice rolling to applying a few products that my skin eats up and applying eye drops, it’s like jumping into a cold pool for me. Plus, my skin loves it!


Literally heaven in the morning, right? Just like dogs and cats stretch before they get up for the day, humans could use the same treatment. It’s a gentle way to not only stay healthy and increase flexibility but to get moving.

What’s something you do before grabbing your cell? Any tricks for not reaching for it at all in the a.m.?



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  1. First thing I do is to get dressed eat my breakfast go for a hike sometimes I will journal before and or set an intention to have a good day.

  2. These are such great tips, and not looking at my phone in the morning is something that I’ve tried doing for the past few weeks, and it’s definitely a better way to start the day. I love your idea about just enjoying the morning with a loved one or pet. I’m going to try to cut my phone time out of my mornings indefinitely. Lisa @lovefromlisa.com

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