My Morning Wellness Routine for Work

I realized that we’ve talked about morning routine on morning routine, but we’ve never covered one in particular – an office morning routine. I work from home, but I still like to fully shift my mind into work mode as I enter my office (aka guest room). So, even if you’re stepping into a corporate setting or a physical location outside your house, here’s a morning office routine to consider that’s good for your well-being.

Turn on oil diffuser and open the window

Depending on my mood or the time of year, I pick an oil to diffuse (usually peppermint, orange, or an uplifting blend), and either open the window to fresh air or at the least, open the blinds.

Center myself

Sounds lame, but I seriously do this! I take about 30 seconds to get comfy in my chair, stretch my arms up and from side to side, and take a couple of deep breaths. It’s basically shifting my body and mind into my chair – and for some reason, it feels damn good.

Read my list

I have a ‘do more of’ vs ‘do less of’ list that I filled out at the beginning of 2019 (which I’ve talked about in previous years!). As I sip my coffee, I go over this list, which I basically know by heart at this point. I try to think of each item on the lists instead of skimming through and consciously note each point. It’s a reminder for me to move slow, put myself first, and take breaks – all things I’m working on this year.


I’m a big believer in finding music or background noises for the office – I think it helps me focus and/or sets a mood. I usually switch between Peaceful Piano on Spotify, Fleetwood Mac or Bon Iver radio, or Motown if I need a pick-me-up.

Drink everything + check sites

Between coffee, lemon water, and my smoothie, there’s a lot of hydration to be had. I take the first 20 minutes or so of my day to check sites I love/client’s sites and do a scan of my emails for anything pressing – all while drinking up.

Start working

I grab my productivity planner, check my calendar, check my phsycial notepad for anything I noted the day before, and start working!

P.S. at the end of each day, I tidy up my desk. I wipe down my tech and desk, clean any lingering cups, etc. Feel like it’s worth mentioning here since it’s technically in the evening, but starting my day with a fresh desk is a MUST.

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  1. Oh I definitely have to get into the habit of cleaning my desk at the end of the work day!
    Thanks for sharing this, those are great tips!
    xx Janine

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